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How to Treat Liver Bile ?

How to Treat Liver Bile ?
If You Have Problems Liver Disease Liver or nervous should not I Have Tips For Treatment of Liver, Maybe This is just the tips of my tips on how to choose a treatment and a cure for liver disease (liver).

Cure a disease is not determined by a physician, I, others, or even drugs are expensive, but healing was determined by God and those who have the disease.
liver is already a chronic liver disease / chronic process characterized by inflammation (hepatitis), necrosis (tissue death) of the liver, the addition of connective tissue (the limit is not clear) with the formation of clots - lumps / swelling of the small network (nodes) that disrupt the structure and function the liver.
 Occurrence Cause Liver, among others:
  1. Hepatitis Virus
  2. Alcohol
  3. Metabolic Disorders
  4. Diabetes mellitus
  5. Diseases of glycogen accumulation,
  6. haemochromatosis (stacked state iron (Fe) in excess in the liver, spleen, skin due to metabolic disorders)
  7. Blockage of intrahepatic bile flow and long ekstrahepatic / chronic
  8. Impaired immune (lupoid hepatitis)
  9. Toxins and drugs - drugs (methotrexate group)
  10. One of nutrient
  11. Infectious diseases are chronic
  12. Operating in a state of obesity intestines, etc.
Then what is the symptoms of Liver Disease? 18 signs of this disease have symptoms that you should know and be aware of.
Characteristics of a person affected by this disease are:
  1. Having a yellowish skin.
  2. The urine turns brownish color of tea.
  3. Frequent nausea.
  4. Rapid loss of appetite.
  5. Easy to lose weight drastically.
  6. Frequent vomiting.
  7. Experiencing Diare.Warna Feces (BAB) are pale.
  8. Frequent pain in the upper right abdomen.
  9. Frequent unwell and less vibrant.
  10. Experiencing itching.
  11. Having enlarged blood vessels.
  12. Easy to experience fatigue.
  13. The level of blood sugar is low.
  14. Experiencing muscle pain.
  15. Experiencing a mild fever.
  16. Decreased sex drive.
  17. Is often depressed.
  18. Not fit
  19. Swelling of body parts due to fluid accumulation (ascites)
  20. GI bleeding (melena Haematemesis)
  21. Jaundice (Ikhterus)
  22. Decreased ability to work
What Not To you what's wrong with liver disease you avoid Liquor and switch to a healthy lifestyle, healthy food choices and exercise adequately. Because The Sports other than a healthy body and can avoid many diseases.For those of you who already do not Have Liver Disease discouraged in treatment that may drain a lot of money.

I Suggest to treat liver using herbal or traditional medicine or natural medicine, because it has no side effects so that the healing process faster.

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