Sunday, April 1, 2012

Coronary Heart Medicine

Coronary heart disease is a type common in the population of Indonesia. This condition is caused by narrowing / blockage in the coronary artery wall due to deposits of fat and cholesterol that cause the blood to the heart suplaian be disturbed. Changes in lifestyle, diet, and stress can also lead to the occurrence of coronary heart disease. This disease is one of the deadly disease is therefore able to flee to cope with chemical drugs, it could be a traditional medicine to combat a powerful coronary heart coronary heart disease.The main causes of coronary heart disease is a disturbance in the blood vessels due to plaque deposition. Therefore, some medicinal plants to cope with coronary heart disease will give effect to the blood circulation and act as anticoagulant. Anticoagulants alone is a substance that acts to prevent blood clots. Here are some traditional medicinal plants to overcome the herb along with coronary heart disease coronary heart disease.GarlicChemical Content of GarlicProtein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamins B1 and C, calcium, the active substance awcin, awn, alinase enzymes, germanium, glucosinolates, sativine, sinistrine, selenium, scord in in, and nicotinic acid.Pharmacological Effects of GarlicLowering high blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, is antibacterial, anticancer, and antifungal. AO antioxidants in onions (white is important for preventing arteriosclerosis and heart disease by serum against the oxidation of fat. In addition, some studies have shown garlic to help lower LDL and raise HDL (good cholesterol), maintain the blood flow remains smooth, lower blood pressure, prevent some cancers, lower blood sugar, and treat digestive disorders.

Blood Sambang

Content of the Blood Chemistry Sambang :Tannins, behenat acid, sitosterol, and triterpenoids.Pharmacological Effects of Blood Sambang :Merit in maintaining a healthy heart, stop bleeding, reduce high blood pressure, kills germs, treat fever, seizures, and stop the bleeding after childbirth and miscarriage.

White Intersection Chemical content of the White Meeting Chemical compounds contained in white Intersection among monoterpene, sesquiterpene, and other volatile oils, such as zedoarone, curdione, epicurminol, curzerene, curcumenol, and curcumin.

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