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Herbal Supplements the dragon fruit

Dragon fruit
Herbal Supplements the dragon fruit is also performed in many countries such as Indonesia and other Asian countries. Dragon fruit has beneficial properties for human health, such as balancing blood sugar levels, protecting the oral health, prevention of colon cancer, reduce cholesterol, prevent and treat bleeding symptoms of vaginal discharge and many other features.

Dragon fruit is often eaten as fresh fruit as relieving thirst, because the dragon fruit contains a high water content of about 90% of the weight of the fruit. Sugars contained in the dragon fruit is high enough so it's pretty sweet, dragon fruits contain sugar content reaches 13-18 briks. Dragon fruit is rich in potassium,  protein, fiber, sodium and calcium for good healthy can be compared with other fruit  dragons in various forms, is represented as: juice, juice, candy and jam or various forms of presentation to suit taste You.

According to some experts, that the dragon fruit is quite rich in various vitamins and minerals that greatly contributed to the durability and useful for metabolism in the human body.
"Research shows, herbal medicine, dragon fruit is very good for circulation, as well as the effect of reducing emotional stress and neutralize toxic in the blood." The study also showed that the fruit can prevent cancer, prevent additional, high blood cholesterol levels and reduce body fat, "

Every red dragon fruit contains a protein that is able to increase metabolism and maintain cardiovascular health, strengthen bones fiber (for bowel, diabetes and nutrition to prevent cancer), carotene (eye health, strengthen the brain and prevent disease, calcium ).

Dragon fruit also contains iron, blood, vitamin B1 (after unit fever) prevents the increase, vitamin B2 (add to taste), vitamin B3 (lowers cholesterol) and vitamin C (increase smoothness, elasticity of the skin and prevent acne).
The following is a complete nutritional content of dragon fruit:
Sugar content       : 13-18 briks 
Water                  : 90% 
Carbohydrates     : 11.5 g
 Acid                   : 0.139 g 
Protein                 : 0.53 g 
Dietary fiber         : 0.71 g 
Calcium               : 134.5 mg 
Phosphorus          : 8.7 mg
 Magnesium         : 60.4 mg 
Vitamin C            : 9.4 mg 
Now we can be in the form of supermarket is different from the dragon fruit, which is processed as a medicinal herb to find, either in the form of powder, capsules and herbal Supplements  the dragon fruit juices are useful to humans.
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