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Efficacy Honey Bees bees
Honey bees are very good for human health, the honey bee used as a herbal medicine for health since time immemorial to this day, many of us have encountered in the community especially in Indonesia, there is used as a medicine, as beauty and as a refresher of the body. There are several types of honey bees that can be encountered in the market.

These properties of honey bees to human health:
• Making more
health hair and eyes and shine.
• Assisting the vision so much brighter and clearer.
• expedite the healing process of skin injury when added to an outbreak of germs and protect than
• Makes skin look smoother and younger.
• Offer poison
• launched a bowel
• Relieves cough.
• Strengthens respiratory and reduce asthma
• Strengthens the body of pregnant women.
• Restoring power after the arrival of menstruation

How to consume the honey bee ?
1. Mix honey with water, can be mixed with tea, coffee, syrup according to our taste
2. Brush honey on bread. More fragrant with toast.
3. Use as additional flavorings in homemade fruit.
4. Brush  honey with biscuit.
5. Use honey as additional flavorings (or dressing) on ​​fruit salad.
6. Brush honey on the meat before frying or baking.
7. Add honey on ice cream.
8. Eating honey along cebisan beehive. Honeycomb is said to have its own usefulness.

In addition to the above ways, honey is often used as the herb is more complete as honey chicken.
Benefits of honey may be said to be suitable for everyone. either male or female, young or old should be taken to all walks of life - except for infants aged 6 months and down.

Honey bees contain material that is neutral in general, however, could have led to an allergy in infants because  honey (including honey that has been filtered and cleaned) still contains a small  honey ('bee pollen') which may cause an allergic reaction to  people.
Of particular interest, not to be given to children aged under 6 months because under could bring harm to the baby's immune system cause infant class is still not perfect.

How to choose honey

At this time the seller once corpulent false honey (honey mixed with sugar)
At this time a lot of fake honey sellers, this is because the price of honey is expensive. However, we do not have to deal with this kind of confusion, we must know the difference between fake honey honey drafts, could have used the following ways:
  1. The original Honey do not harden in the refrigerator. If the hardened honey means the honey is not good quality and contains a lot of water content.
  2. The original Honey will not be surrounded by ants. Although ants do not approach the sweet honey of high quality.
  3. The original Honey will coagulating in the water. If the honey is placed in the water without brewed the honey will fall to the bottom of the water.
  4. The original Honey does not break when pulled. Honey is pulled high will only form a smooth flow when the flow down and not break.
  5. The original Honey will cause the yolk cooked by itself. If the egg is placed in a glass containing honey is a time not too long the eggs will cook by itself. It is cause honey just really fresh contains active enzymes that 'cook' the egg yolks.
  6. The original Honey has a composition of certain sugars. The most appropriate way to distinguish between genuine and fake honey is to run the test . Honey has a genuine and bonafide composition ratio of glucose and fructose between 0:30 to 1:35 only. Fake honey is difficult to meet this
Can pregnant women eat honey? Of course can, how do pregnant women eat honey bees?
Pregnant women should only consume honey, honey may reduce fatigue for pregnant women, especially in the morning and before bed every day.

Honey is also able to increase the mother's immune system during pregnancy. By eating honey pregnant women can increase energy, stamina so powerful and increases durability women who are pregnant. Slept so soundly and prevent hypertension.

Honey bees are very useful for our health, many properties when consumed with the daily routine, it could be consumed by pregnant women. But not for
baby infants less than 6 months. however, we must be good at choosing the original honey as we find honey a lot of fakes in the market. Get used to the original drink every day to maintain stamina and physical health.

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